Automated Dealer Website & Digital Marketing Report

August 12, 2021


A new way to access your website and digital marketing data in one automated report is now available.

Hey there! Welcome to our single reporting solution. Included with your website and entirely free, you can now access our automated reporting tool directly from the backend of your website and dealer dashboard.

Get the whole picture!

By bringing your website and digital advertising reporting together and making it easy to access, you can see the big picture – from your website’s performance, including phone calls to the analytics from your Google, Facebook, and YouTube ads.



How to access your automated report:

You can access your automated report via the back end of your Dealer Website and your Dealer Dashboard. In the steps below, we show you how:

From the Website Backend:

  • Login to the backend of your Website. If you are a fully managed customer, email us at, and our team will get back to you.
  • Once logged in, go to ‘Website Reporting’ on the left-hand side menu to bring up the automated report.
  • At the top of the report, you can select the reporting range (calendar month), and the data will automatically populate.


From the Dealer Dashboard

  • Login to your dealer dashboard
  • Once logged in, go to ‘Modular Websites’ on the left-hand side menu and then select ‘Reporting.’
  • You will be taken to your Website Backend. To access the report, please follow the steps mentioned above.



Learn more about your reporting

Do you want to make the most out of your automated report?

Our Digital Advisors are here to help and provide further analytical support on the data you will soon be accessing and help you further understand how to interpret it and its impact on your business.  To book a no-obligation chat with our team, click here.