New Features for your website | August 2021

August 19, 2021

Take a look at the new features now available on your dealer website and stay tuned for further updates as we continue to release more features every month.

A slimmer & simpler search module is now available 


We have redesigned the search module on your website to make it quicker and easier for car buyers to engage with your stock with as few clicks as possible.

The new design features a reduced module size (height) to increase your customers’ likelihood to scroll to the search and complete it, especially on mobile.



We also added an extra feature allowing you to customize the image behind the search module to help tie in with the look and feel of your website! So, feel free to get creative and customize this module to your preference.



More Prominent “Comments from Dealer” section


To ensure car buyers capture the latest information you want to share with them, we have moved the “Comments from Dealer” section to a more prominent location on all vehicle detail pages across your website.


Increase finance enquiries with a Finance Score Call To Action


Our website platform now offers the option to include a Finance Score call to action on the search results page of your website. With more than half of all customers prearranging their finance during the research phase, this is a great option to engage your customers earlier in the sales funnel!


What is Finance Score?


Finance Score allows car buyers on your website to see information about some of their finance options instantly. Your customers can access it 100% free without any obligation whilst enjoying a quick, easy to use experience. The process is secure, and it won’t affect their credit score.


Why should you consider using Finance Score on your website?


We studied all our customers that are using Finance Score versus those that do not and have found that:


  • 34% of website visitors that use Finance Score as part of their research process buy a car
  • 61% of website visitors that use Finance Score as part of their research process take advantage of the dealership’s finance option available to them
  • There is a 14% higher finance penetration when the customer initiates the finance process on a dealer’s website



Do you want to use any of these features on your website?


To start using any of these features on your website, please send an email to and one of our Digital Advisors will be in touch. Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 66 11 33